On the Stage

From Seattle to Zagreb, dance is my career and passion. Catch me performing in Kazalište Komedija in Jesus Christ SuperStar.

Classical Roots

Classical trained originally in the Vaganova technique by Maria Vegh and later working in the French style under mentor Francois Serre y Berge. I have a strong classical trained  foundation.  


From Giselle, Dracula, Les Sylphides, and Swan Lake. I have performed Corps de Ballet and Soloist roles in International Ballet Theatre’s productions, director Vera Altunina (Mariinsky) and assistant, Francois Serre y Berge (Paris Opera). 

Contemporary focus

Opportunities led me to lead a career focused in contemporary dance, working with choreographers Mark Haim, Sarah Lambe, Lisa Naugle, Sergei Vanaev, Jennifer Porter, and Eva Stone, leading me to perform in New York City, Rome, St. Petersburg, Seattle, and now Zagreb. 



Moving to Zagreb opened up my career to musical theatre. Now I am performing Leo Mujic’s choreography in Jesus Christ SuperStar. 

Watch me dance

Performing currently in Jesus Christ SuperStar in Zagreb


14 May - 21 May
6 June - 10 June
27 June


Kazalište Komedija
Kaptol Ul. 9
Zagreb 10000